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@ The British Curry Awards 2019

Ariztia Poultry – a family business since 1894


Since 1894 the Ariztia family have been involved in agriculture, poultry farming and food production with the 5th generation of the family now running the business.  From humble beginnings they have grown the business and over the years have expanded from supplying poultry products for their home market in Chile to a company supplying countries across the Americas and today exporting chicken and turkey products around the world. Through all the years the family have remained focussed on supplying quality poultry products to their customers.


In 2017 Two Counties Foods was given the opportunity to help expand and further develop the Ariztia business in the U.K. and Ireland.  We introduced a premium brand of IQF chicken fillet ‘Grand Pollo’ specifically for the catering and food service markets.  This additional line compliments the original ‘Ariztia’ label.


In partnership, Ariztia and Two Counties Foods aim to further develop sales in the U.K and Ireland by:


1          Increasing brand awareness;

2          Continuing to supply quality products with full traceability from the farm to the consumer;

3          Providing a first-class level of service throughout the business;

4          Working with clients to facilitate and support their own businesses to increase sales of ‘Ariztia’ products.


Chicken Fillets

'Grand Pollo' individually frozen fully matured chicken fillets are available in a 10 kilo format.

'Ariztia' fully matured chicken fillets are available in either 10 kilo or 2 x 5 kilo zip seal bags for your convenience.


Turkey Products

'Ariztia' brand quality turkey breast products:

Frozen Natural Turkey Butterflies minimum 4 kilo x 2/case vacuum packed.

Frozen Natural Turkey Lobes approx 2 kilo x 4/case vacuum packed.


'Grand Pollo' Chicken Fillet @ The British Curry Awards 2019


We are delighted to annouce that Grand Pollo chicken fillet has been chosen as a key ingredient on the menu at this prestigious event.  At the British Curry Awards, known as 'The Oscars' of the curry industry, Grand Pollo will feature in the main course chicken dish for over seventeen hundred celebrities, politicians, influential industry figures and invited guests.


This major event will showcase the quality of Grand Pollo chicken fillet and launches our new marketing campaign of the 'Grand Pollo' brand.



Reasons for using 'Grand Pollo' as the key ingredient in your kitchen:


     * Each chicken fillet is matured and individually frozen to preserve the quality of the

        product to ensure customers will always enjoy sucullent chicken every time.

     * Grand Pollo is produced in a plant with Halal Certification.

     * All sectors of the supply chain are BRC certified from farm through to distributor.


Therefore you can trust that the quality of our product and the service we provide will be at the highest level.


With over thirty five years of experience in the poultry business, Two Counties Foods will ensure the supply of 'Grand Pollo' is always of the highest quality, always available and always competitively priced.

Two Counties Foods Grand Pollo
Two Counties Foods Grand Pollo
Two Counties Foods Grand Pollo

"Two Counties Foods is a long established international meat & poultry supplier based in Smithfield, with a clear focus and strongly defined client base.  Your long term relationships with your customers are important to you."